Thursday, April 15, 2010

guy from creed

The guy from Creed that no one likes and is not from Miami wrote a song for the Marlins. What the hell? How did this happen? I don’t know who’s job it is to hire people to write theme songs for sports teams. But, he must’ve not discussed this idea with anyone. He ran with it, like a cowboy (the Scott Stapp way).

Here’s how the pitch would’ve gone down on planet earth.

Guy In Charge of Theme Song Picking: Hey, the Marlins are great, but we need a theme song to let everyone know that they are great. I know a guy who grew up down the street, just 450 miles down the street, anyway he’s famous and Christ-Like.

Members of the Board: …please don’t tell me you mean –

GICOTSP: yes! I do, the guy from Creed.

MOTB: hahahaha! Ok, good joke, who’s really doing the song?

GICOTSP: Scott Stapp.

MOTB: No. Really? Stop fucking with us.

GICOTSP: Why are all of you laughing? I’m serious…

MOTB: you’re fired. And obviously drunk.

Worst band ever. Worst voice ever. This song will only confuse.

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