Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review Of Saturday's the Getback Show

Songs 1 -5 were really good and fun, then there was a little break where we talked about how it was hot and we were thirsty and tired. Song 6 was also good, song 7 I sung like a weirdo. Song 8 was a lot of fun, we got low and did some freeform riffing during the intro. Gustavo said "people felt weird" because of it. Song 9 was good, but not awesome, and it is an awesome song. Song 10 was really great, and people in the crowd seemed to like all the songs.

I had a lot fun at this show, and I am having fun writing this.

Bad, Worst Or Indifferent

I didn't forget that I have a blog. I remembered I am the only one who reads it!

but, don't worry me, I'll keep blogging for you again.