Thursday, April 29, 2010

classic comic strips

I was digging thru the vaults - do you wanna go digging thru the vaults with me?

lookit dis:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


there used to be a band in Miami called the Little Havana Kings, they were heavily influenced by Leatherface, in fact that's the only band they would talk about. I had no idea who Leatherface was, but I acted like I did. Eventually I got a couple of Leatherface records, I like em. Everytime I think Leatherface: I think Little Havana Kings.

Leatherface is coming to Churchill's, here's the poster I made for the show. It's in June. On June 4, 2010. It's a Friday.

it's been canceled, this is the 2nd time I use blood as a design element for a show and that show gets canceled.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


when I heard about this Icelandic Volcano (Eyjafjallajokull - which means: Island Mountain Glacier Volcano Mountain) I began searching for my Pool Party - Live From Iceland (for the Horses) Concert Bootleg.

I found it.

here are the first 2 songs from the show, and the last song, click these words to download!

the files are called track 38 and track 39 and track 42 the songs are Pool Party Time, Dance it Up (for the horses)
and Sacrifice/Pool Party Yeah!

look at these beautiful pics of Pool Party doing it, like a warrior

Thursday, April 15, 2010

guy from creed

The guy from Creed that no one likes and is not from Miami wrote a song for the Marlins. What the hell? How did this happen? I don’t know who’s job it is to hire people to write theme songs for sports teams. But, he must’ve not discussed this idea with anyone. He ran with it, like a cowboy (the Scott Stapp way).

Here’s how the pitch would’ve gone down on planet earth.

Guy In Charge of Theme Song Picking: Hey, the Marlins are great, but we need a theme song to let everyone know that they are great. I know a guy who grew up down the street, just 450 miles down the street, anyway he’s famous and Christ-Like.

Members of the Board: …please don’t tell me you mean –

GICOTSP: yes! I do, the guy from Creed.

MOTB: hahahaha! Ok, good joke, who’s really doing the song?

GICOTSP: Scott Stapp.

MOTB: No. Really? Stop fucking with us.

GICOTSP: Why are all of you laughing? I’m serious…

MOTB: you’re fired. And obviously drunk.

Worst band ever. Worst voice ever. This song will only confuse.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

designs I just done did

here are some designs I did for the fine folks at CrossFit305. If you want to be healthy and look strong, hit them up!

coffee spilla

on my drive to work, I was enjoying some home-made iced coffee (taster's choice instant coffee + milk from fridge + ice from fridge) when I suddenly, completely, totally missed the mark and kind of just poured coffee directly on my shirt.

this happens, a lot.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Online Reviews of Stuff Breaks Robbie's Brain - 3

thanks Robbie!
Robbie sez

"Check out this
review of Papa Johns Pizza and juxtapose it to this ad.

Papa John's apparently thinks that any publicity is good publicity."

off topic/worth mentioning: the guy in the teeth whitening ad looks like a neon-wherewolv

call and response - 8

Slim requested a Lawman comic - so here it is!!

classic comics - series 1

these here are some fancy comics I made a few years ago (based on true life situations)

Friday, April 9, 2010

i found this review not helpful

Stepbrothers (2008) 1 star

What an awful piece of comedy. The writing was awful. Instead of dialog and jokes is was just dropping the eff back and forth. Not funny and the acting was terrible. I usually watch a couple of these type movies a year and many are good but this one runs to lewdness and beyond. Comedy is in the approach of the awkward moment not the moment.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

call and response - 7

Jackie recently reminded me of an old "friend" of mine. We were friends in the sense that I knew his name, he said hi to me, and he periodically touched me and helped me zip up my jacket. I'm sure he claimed we were "tight." He also gave me "tips" on how to "behave." Sarcasm aside, it was at my house that he mourned the loss of his close "friend" Rick James.

So, this my "pal" in the middle, with some other random dudes. Let's call guy on left: Pervy McBlackjack and guy on right: John Charlos

Friday, April 2, 2010

Online Reviews of Stuff Breaks Robbie's Brain - 2

I LIKE but something about Toms rubs me the wrong way...
Yeah I hate the smugness of it. I heard it only costs a buck and change to make the shoes so they should be donating them in hoards anyway.

-thanks Robbie!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

call and response - 6

Slim Biscayne's dreams come through