Wednesday, March 31, 2010

new feature! Online Reviews of Stuff Breaks Robbie's Brain

NH Calderon

"the breakfast(we were b&b)was superb ,everything you could wish for,cooked on request if asked for. one of the best we have enjoyed anywhere. in fact an english couple enjoyed it so much they filled a bag every morning,maybe they were opening a food stall somewhere. "


Americana 5 Inn & Suites South Strip

"The Hookers, Scumbags, and Police were the Highlites.....”

"we must have caught the hooker shift change as several working ladies were exiting the property. We were greeted in the lobby (which oddly smells like feet) "

"I pull up at 1AM to a complete crap hole, with 3 police cars in the driveway and about a dozen angry customers. the front desk staff was DUMB as dirt, even the cop called her stupid several times"

-thanks Robbie!

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